Tribute to Pierre Binétruy
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Intrikation: A portrait of Pierre Binétruy

Researchers, friends and family paid tribute to his many contributions, from particle physics and supersymmetry to cosmology and gravitation. In addition to researching the scientific truth, he had the courage to organise the community and to fight the institutions to defend scientific objectives: from the direction of the French and European Supersymmetry Research Group (GDR) and the funding of the Astroparticle and Cosmology Laboratory to the organisation of the French involvement in the LISA space mission. 


The full version of the film / documentary about Pierre Binetruy is available on the PCCP youTube channel:



Find more information on the May Newsletter on and comments (tab: Reviews and Awards) on the latest book by Pierre Binétruy published early May 2018 by Oxford University Press.


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